Our Culture

Cleopatra & Caesar, Bonny & Clyde, Superman & Lois Lane – History is full of couples that prove to us what great things can happen when there is the right chemistry between people. And that´s the way it is with us – Christine & Sebastian

We are just the right fit, understand each other blindly, discuss endlessly and full of passion and embark on every project with loads of enthusiasm, because we simply cannot help it. It is in our DNA to always go all in with our architectural projects.

We are extremely fortunate to be able to do what we love. And – even after so many successful projects together – we still love what we do.

Openness and mutual trust are essential at each and every stage of a project – both among ourselves and also between us and our costumers.

So, if you feel you would like to be infected by our enthusiasm and to test our skills, we are there for you.

Our Work

Communication is essential for brand success. And architecture is a key element in successful communication!

That´s why we at Sebastian Retz always develop architectural concepts with a deep understanding of the brand and take all the relevant aspects of your brand communication into account.

What is the brand core? What is the target group? What is the aim and function of the project?
Based on the answers to these questions we plan, design and build projects for you with years of experience, great accuracy and lots of passion – projects that translate your brand perfectly and sustainably into unique, right on target architecture that precisely reflects the essence of your brand.

From company headquarters to trade fair pavilions, from flagship stores to pop-up spaces. From start-ups to international corporations. Please call us!

We are looking forward to meeting you.